Go FundMe for USA based Zimbabwean Mr Eric Gumbo

“No farewell words were spoken,

No time to say good bye

You were gone before we knew it

God knows why.”

This was part of the GoFundMe campaign for Eric Gumbo, a Zimbabwean father who passed away in the USA. Funds are being raised to help meet the burial and funeral expenses for Mr Gumbo.

The appeal went on to read,

“Eric was a gentle, brilliant, and charismatic soul who would always stick to his word. Everyone could depend on him, and above all he was the most caring person one could ever hope to meet. His laughter could light up any room, and his encyclopedic knowledge of history and world events brought insight to any discussion.”

It was not stated whether he would be buried in the USA or repatriated from the USA to Zimbabwe, his home of origin.


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team4dfiGo FundMe for USA based Zimbabwean Mr Eric Gumbo