Useful Documents

Useful Documents

At Diaspora Insurance all useful documents are a click away. Treating customers fairly is at the core of what we do as we pecialise in crafting risk-management and insurance solutions which are suitable and affordable especially for Diasporans and their global families. Our bespoke Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan is a guaranteed acceptance and cash-based funeral cover which has positively impacted on so many people’s realities.

Keeping things simple and key information accessible is part of our treating customers fairly culture. All the important documents and key information is only a click away. The Customer Charter, Policy Privileges & Conditions and the Claim Form  can simply be downloaded here:

Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan (‘DFCP’)

Personalised documents including the Policy Schedule are sent to you on the commencement of your cover. .

If you’d like to speak to us, please call a member of our team:
Mob/WhatsApp: +44 770 3838 304 or +27 65 907 0419
Office: .+44 121 295 1116 or +27 10 109 6555

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