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Our focus and remit is to positively impact and change people’s realities through bespoke insurance products.

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About Diaspora Affiliates

Peace of Mind Guaranteed!

Our exciting Community Partnership/Referral Programme is available to clubs, churches, associations, money transfer companies, corporates, social media groups, influencers, online newspapers and the like. Get covered! Get your members and followers covered and you get handsomely rewarded for doing your members a great favour – it’s a Win-Win!

How It All Works

It’s as easy as ABC! Simply register and you are allocated a weblink with your name. You can use the weblink (url) to reach-out and get your members to sign-up. To earn more, get more of your members signing up. You could also have a banner on your social group page or website which members can simply click and apply for cover.

As your members register, you will be able to see how many members have registered and monitor the application status. You are always up to date. On application, your members get immediate cover and when they pay their first premium you get rewarded handsomely. You never have to refer for free, Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan is a community product for the community.

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