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Funeral Cash Plan – Cover Options

There are three very simple Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan cover options:

Single Plan: Is an individual plan for those who just want to cover just one person.

Family Plan: By far the most popular Plan, it allows you to cover not just yourself but your loved ones as well. Under the Family Plan you can cover yourself, spouse, and children under 22 as nucleus family. You can also under children over 22, parents and/or parents in law, siblings, and rest of extended family. Peace of mind also comes from covering your loved ones. Protect Yourself, Protect Your Family, Protect Your Dignity!

Group Plan: This a revolutionary plan targeted at employers, Burial Societies, Clubs, Associations, Churches, and the like. Why carry the burden of huge final expenses when a member passes on when you can get the whole group covered and qualify for huge benefits? On the Group Plan all members and their family are underwritten individually but will qualify for group rebates or discounts.

leslyicdigitalDiaspora Funeral Cash Plan: Flexible Cover Options for African Immigrants