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Cover: Currency, Amounts, Premiums

Cover Amounts & Currency:

Currency of cover and Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan is based on where the premium payer lives. You can have cover up to US$/CA$/AU$/£/€20,000.00.

Premium Payable:

The individual monthly premium payable depends on the age of the life insured and cover amount selected. As an example, a USA based Kenyan family of five [father (45yrs), mother (43), child1 (21), child2 (15) and child3 (10)] covering uS$10,000 each only, total cover US$50,000 on pays US$64.45 per month which guarantees them peace of mind and a dignified send-off be it in USA or back in their native motherland Kenya or another country for that matter.

leslyicdigitalDiaspora Insurance: Flexible Cover, Currencies, Amounts & Premiums