Funeralcover: Compassionate Financial Support for Trying Times
Put your affairs in order with a Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan
With a cash payment within 24 hours of a valid claim, you are guaranteed peace of mind.
Give your family the gift of peace of mind.
The cash pay-out protects your loved ones from the worry about funeral expenses.
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Benefits of the Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan

Funeralcover, Funeralcover: Compassionate Financial Support for Trying Times

Why Choose Diaspora Insurance?

The Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan's cash cover means your policy is completely flexible and can be used to pay for funeral expenses of your choice, be it repatriation, burial abroad, family travel, burial costs, memorial service, food, flowers, photography, tombstone and more. Payment is in a currency of your choice anywhere in the world.

Guaranteed Acceptance

There are no medical questions at all.

Final Resting Place & Burial Method Flexibility & Options

It's a worldwide protection without boarders. Can be buried in the Diaspora, repatriated or cremated. The choice is yours.

Immediate multi-currency cash pay-out

Up To US$/£20,000 is paid within 24 hours of proof of death. This helps to cover funeral expenses.


What Customers Say

"If I didn't have a Diaspora cover, I could not have gone to bury my daughter who passed away in Zimbabwe because I would not afford it"

"They treated us as a family, not clients. When my wife passed away due to Covid, Diaspora paid us within 4 working hours of providing the requested documents"

"Claim was paid within 24 hours. Service is seamless. There are no frills, no questions asked"

Our Funeral Plans

Is an individual plan for those who just want to cover just one person.

By far the most popular Plan, it allows you to cover not just yourself but your loved ones as well. Under the Family Plan you can cover yourself, spouse, children, parents and/or parents in law.

The Group Plan is targeted at employers, Burial Societies, Clubs, Associations, Churches, and the like. Why carry the burden of huge final expenses when a member passes on when you can get the whole group covered and qualify for huge benefits?

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