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Why You Need Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan?

Death normally strikes when least expected. Death in the diaspora or losing someone very close back home can be financially and emotionally traumatic. The last thing you want is to be caught in a double trauma of bereaving and begging. With the bespoke Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan a dignified send-off is guaranteed.

We all want to live happily and forever but unfortunately reality of life is that we all come to pass. Wherever there is life, death is guaranteed. In fact, tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone. If it’s inevitable, plan for it.

As we toil day in day out we are writing our beautiful and incredible life stories, but one chapter always has an overriding or overshadowing effect, and this is our individual final chapters. The send-off is the final chapter, the conclusion, and the icing on the cake. We all wish to have a dignified send off to mark the closure and give family and friends a chance to celebrate and honour a life well lived but truth be told dignified send-off is not free. So, who will pay for your send-off bill if you don’t plan for it?

Funerals are not cheap especially diaspora death; diaspora death can widely be death in the diaspora or death of a close family member back home. Both scenarios require significant and immediate financial resources to cover costs, namely:

  • Casket / coffin
  • Local transfer or transport 
  • Repatriation or reverse repatriation
  • Food and drinks
  • Family travel
  • Church service
  • Photo + Videography 
  • Flowers
  • Household bills like electricity
  • Shipment of the deceased’s personal effects
  • Memorial service
  • Tombstone ceremony 
  • Lost revenue due to funeral

Significant cash may be required to cover expenses that are not normally covered by traditional funeral directors’ policies.

Every human being deserves a dignified send-off irrespective of race, colour or creed. It’s part of the civilisation social contract. A simply, guaranteed acceptance Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan is your solution. This funeral policy is designed for the diasporan in mind. No more bereaving and begging or Go Fund Me appeals!

Funeral Cash Plan Benefits

The uniquely customised Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan offers a host of benefits which include:

  • Immediate US$/£/€ pay-out on claim, guaranteed!
  • Protection without borders, guaranteed!
  • US$/£/€ cover for life, guaranteed!
  • US$/£/€ pay-out on claim, guaranteed!
  • Free Cover in the future, guaranteed!
  • Dignified send-off, guaranteed!
  • Peace of Mind, guaranteed!
  • Celebrated life, guaranteed!
  • Bereaving and begging, never again!
  • Personal and Family's Dignity, protected!

Funeral Cash Plan Features

The following are some of the key features of the bespoke Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan:

  • Guaranteed acceptance with no medicals at all,
  • Immediate US$/£/€ cash pay-out on proof of death,
  • Worldwide cover, it's a protection without borders,
  • Permanently US$/£/€ denominated policy,
  • Up to US$/£/€20, 000 cover per life,
  • Body repatriation not mandatory,
  • Cover as Individual, Family or Group
  • Whole of life cover, it's a cover for life,
  • Cover yourself, Cover your loved ones!
  • Guaranteed gifted FREE cover in future,
  • Protect Yourself! Protect Your Family! Your dignified send off - Guaranteed!
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