When are you going to cover French speaking countries?

Perhaps the broader question is, when is Diaspora Insurance going to broaden the number of nationalities it covers to also include largely French speaking nationalities?

It is very important to understand that insurance, whilst a service industry business, is a very complex concept and it requires complex infrastructure to manage risks. That informs the basic fundamentals of delivering a sustainable business when it comes to treating customers fairly, risk mitigation and management, client money management and meeting high standards in services delivery, customer care, and claims management alike. Issues of regulation and authorisation, underwriting, re-insurance, financial ombudsman, and financial compensation are very critical and may vary in different regulatory territories. To be sustainable, business growth must be properly managed and executed.

Diaspora Insurance is a global insurance company currently covering people from 13 African countries which include Ghana, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Mozambique, Lesotho, Namibia, Kenya, Uganda, Eswatini and counting who are living in the diaspora. As Diaspora Insurance we are greatly motivated by the demand for our bespoke Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan product, and our vision is to be a leading provider in global risk solutions, for that we are growing exponentially, adding not only new products but new markets and qualifying nationalities.

As Diaspora Insurance we are expanding and penetrating many different markets, so it is advisable to keep watching the space. Our vision as a company is to be a global provider, that is, all global citizens irrespective of their languages would qualify for the cover. This growth trajectory speaks to the essence of the cash-based funeral policy that we offer. Due to regional integration and globalisation people have become increasingly transnational and these global citizens can only suitably be covered on a cash policy that is equally a protection without borders. Diaspora Insurance as a global provider is therefore continually adding qualifying nationalities.

As a global pioneer in bespoke insurance solutions, we are not only looking to cover French but all global citizens. Eligibility for our cover is determined by nationality (country of origin) and not the language that one speaks. Moreover, our capacity as a company to manage the risks that we undertake predominantly determines the countries that we cover. As we continue to expand our operations our aim is to avail our main communication sites in different languages to accommodate our diverse range of clients.

Importance of covering the whole of Africa

According to the United Nations over 250 million people are estimated to be residing outside their countries of origin. Our global insurance solutions enable the Diasporans not only to cover themselves but also their families in their countries of origin. Thus, at Diaspora Insurance our sole focus is to impact and change people’s realities through bespoke and global risk management solutions. As a business, we are not focused on the languages spoken but on our desire to provide sustainable solutions to the African diaspora.






































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team4dfiWhen are you going to cover French speaking countries?