Man who had just come to the UK as carer suddenly passes away, friend does GoFundMe appeal

A family man from Zimbabwe who had just been in the UK since October 2022 suddenly passes away. His friend has done a Go-Fund-Me campaign to raise funds for repatriation.
The GoFundMe campaign read;
“My name is Denver, I was Drew’s friend and colleague. Drew came to the UK in April 2022 to work as a carer in Northamptonshire. He came at the invitation of his god-father Philip Sibanda, a famous radio presenter based in Manchester, UK.
Drew died suddenly on Monday 24th April 2023 in his home. He had recently been to his home country to visit his family. He is survived by his wife and four children. Two sets of twins, the first aged about 9 years old and the second set of twins 8 months old. He also leaves behind his parents and three siblings. He was the eldest of four.
Drew was a person who not only made an impact in the lives of the people he knew personally but to everyone at large. He was always eager to help others, always cheerful, bubbly, full of laughter and a loveable character. He left a mark even in the lives of the people he cared for until his very last shift on Sunday 23rd April 2023.
Due to the circumstances surrounding his unexpected and untimely death, I am appealing for donations to fund the repatriation of Drew to his family in Zimbabwe.”
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team4dfiMan who had just come to the UK as carer suddenly passes away, friend does GoFundMe appeal