Family Appeals for Assistance with Funeral and Repatriation Costs

By Diaspora Insurance News 

A man who was reportedly battling depression was found dead at his Coventry home on Sunday, leaving family and friends devastated over his sudden passing.

Friends have since launched a GoFundMe appeal to help raise £6,000 for the repatriation of Mbusi Mzwalili Ndlovu’s body to his native Zimbabwe.

Authorities have yet to reveal the cause of death.

According to reports, Ndlovu’s young son became concerned after failing to get a response when he phoned his father.

The son contacted the police who visited Ndlovu’s home and had to break in to gain access as the door was locked from inside.

They found his lifeless body on the floor.

“Our brother faced some challenges, and he was off work due to health issues,” reads the GoFundMe appeal which was set up by Roy Ndlovu.

“I am deeply (saddened by his passing). He was my high schoolmate, we went to the same school, and were good friends till his passing.”

“I would like to ask the community at large to kindly help so we can send our brother home to (his) parents who are heartbroken (and) their only wish is to see their son whom they had not seen for a couple of years.”

The appeal ads; “Please help us with any help financially. Every little help is appreciated please, thank you in advance. Let us repatriate our brother’s remains to his loved ones who are devastated by their loses.”

As of Thursday, the appeal had raised just over £2,300.

team4dfiFamily Appeals for Assistance with Funeral and Repatriation Costs