How to get hired at Diaspora Insurance. Job opportunities you need to know

Diaspora Insurance is a global company that provides insurance products targeted at diasporas worldwide. Some of the key products are the Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan, the Group Funeral Cash Plan and the Diaspora Life Cover. This broad range of products and services creates opportunities for potential candidates living in the diaspora. However, before we discuss the various roles available at Diaspora Insurance, there is a need to take a glance at the values at the core of the company.


What are the values of Diaspora Insurance?

Our company values serve as a compass to our team members, showing them the behaviours and attitudes that help us to achieve our overarching corporate goals and objectives. Here are some of the values that we embrace as a company:

  • Honesty, integrity and trust
  • Accountability and ownership
  • Loyalty and passion
  • Customer-centric and treating customers fairly
  • Teamwork
Diaspora Insurance is recruiting

Diaspora Insurance is recruting. Are you the right fit for the Company?

What employment opportunities are available at Diaspora Insurance? 

One of our corporate goals is to become the employer of choice for the diasporas globally within our industry. As a rapidly growing company, we are driven by an unparalleled desire to create opportunities for qualified candidates who are a right fit to our organisation and  within the financial services sector. Diaspora Insurance is actively recruiting globally to fill in the many posts within the organisation. We are a fast-growing company with opportunities in sales, marketing, business development and customer service.


Some of the open positions are full time and others are on a part-time basis.


  1. Business Development Manager

This is an exciting full-time role for people who are driven and well-networked within their diaspora communities. The role involves creating brand awareness within your diaspora community and generating leads for our call centre to convert. The best person for this job is the ability to build long-lasting relationships with community leaders and organisations and impeccable communication skills are critical success factors in this role. Recently, Diaspora Insurance launched its long-awaited Group Funeral Cash Plan, a group scheme targeted at groups, associations and companies to provide cover to their members and employees. As a business development manager, growing the group scheme portfolio will be one of your key responsibilities.


We are currently recruiting business development managers for these key diaspora corridors in the United Kingdom: Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa and Zambia. If you come from any one of these countries and are resident in the UK and fit the bill, please contact us on


2. Independent Sales Executive/Advisor

You will be part of a global team of sales executives who distribute the products within their networks. This is a part-time role and is commission based. You will be essentially running your own business. We provide you with training on the products and the business processes. We also supply you with marketing material to generate your own leads/prospects.

3. Affiliate

This is for organisations/groups/associations that have a large number of members. Within their membership, they can appoint people who can be trained to be advisers. These advisers will then in turn sign up members to the Diaspora Insurance products for a commission. There will be two levels of commissions: one for the group and one for the adviser. This is suitable for large churches and associations that are looking for ways of monetizing their membership in a sustainable way. On one hand, you will be providing value to your members by availing them of the peace of mind offered by Diaspora Insurance products and on the other hand you will be creating an income stream for the organisation and the advisors.


4. Independent Broker

You will be a registered entity that distributes insurance products from various insurance companies. You can add Diaspora Insurance products to the menu of products you provide to your clients. As an independent broker, you will be able to create your own marketing material and campaigns which are approved by Diaspora Insurance.


5. Introducer/Leads Generator

Sometimes people do not have time to call prospects/leads to convert them into real business but have access to large numbers of diasporas. In this case, you can work with us as an introducer who just provides us with lists of people interested in the products offered by Diaspora Insurance. The company will provide you with training on the products and marketing materials


6. Influencer/Brand Ambassador

This role is suitable for people with huge followings on social media and other digital platforms. We are looking for people whose values resonate well with the core values of Diaspora Insurance. You will be promoting the brand and raising awareness across your channels and generating leads for the business. As an influencer or brand ambassador, you will also be co-creating relevant content to be distributed to the target diaspora audiences.


It is very clear that Diaspora Insurance offers a lot of opportunities to ambitious diasporas globally, be it in marketing, sales or social media. If you got a skill that you think can create value for our organisation but the role is not listed above, please get in touch with us.


Diaspora Insurance prides itself in providing three key functions to the diaspora communities namely excellent services, supporting community projects and employment. Our people are our passion.

For these opportunities, please send your CV and cover letter to

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team4dfiHow to get hired at Diaspora Insurance. Job opportunities you need to know