GoFundMe for UK man who passed away 10 days after terminal diagnosis

A GoFundMe appeal has been set up for a UK-based man, Mr. Witness Walter Munzara who sadly passed away just 10 days after a terminal diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

His brother who made the appeal on the GoFundMe website wrote;

“My brother Witness Walter Munzara went into hospital two weeks gone with severe abdominal pain which he thought was caused by ulcers and was admitted at Wigan Royal Infirmary Hospital. Following some investigations including scans he was diagnosed with Terminal pancreatic cancer stage 4 last week . The prognosis was very poor ( given weeks of survival) so no treatment was offered except palliative care pain relief. He was discharged from the hospital 19th of June ( last week) into the care of the Maxmillion palliative care team and district nurses and sadly died at his house yesterday morning 10days post diagnosis.

We are heartbroken and devasted, Witness aka (Mr Wally) was a kind , caring loving man,a role model, mentor and a people’s person.He was well known in his community for his kindness and good heart.He loved helping others and he also had a funside to him, he was flirtatious, enjoyed being around beautiful ladies and was full of life! Witness was also a person of faith and his family meant everything to him.

Witness was leaving alone in Leigh but he is survived by 4 Adult Children, 1 from his first marriage and three from his 2nd marriage.

Please help me and my family to raise money to give my brother Witness a decent burial and a good send off!!!”


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team4dfiGoFundMe for UK man who passed away 10 days after terminal diagnosis