GoFund Me set up for Peter Chiware to help with body repatriation

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help repatriate the body of Peter Chiware. Peter is to be repatriated from the UK to Zimbabwe, following his death due to covid.

The GoFund Me appeal read;
“Peter Chiware succumbed to Covid 19 on 08/19 leaving behind his 18 year old daughter and wife after quite a struggle with related complications in Gabarone, Botswana. He had been hospitalized twice as he fought for his life. He will have to be repatriated to Zimbabwe which will be his final resting place. It is always sad when we lose a loved one. The one challenging thing beyond that is settling medical bills and managing to move one after settling the burdens. Only those that have witnessed this would understand the gravity of these situations. If this touches you in some way shape or form please reach out financially.”


Diaspora Insurance publishes community-related appeals to help spread the word about a need in the community. Our existence is anchored on the need to assist Diaspora communities at their times of need, hence our flagship product, the Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan.



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team4dfiGoFund Me set up for Peter Chiware to help with body repatriation