Support Aaron Coshaw’s Repatriation and Funeral: Donate Today

Zora Regulic is organising this fundraising appeal on behalf of Joridan Horne.
Family and Friends across the country are mourning the death of my lifelong dear friend Aaron Coshaw. Aaron suddenly passed away on Tuesday, the 13th of September, 2022, at the top of Victoria Falls in Zambia.
Many of you have joined me in sharing your absolute devastation and shock at Aaron’s passing. His partner Jay has kindly kept us up to date and shared posts on social media about the hurdles he faces around the repatriation of Aaron’s remains to Australia from Zambia.
I feel helpless being so far away from them, so I have decided that launching this campaign would allow us all to support Jay and Aaron’s family. The funds raised here would assist with the expenses currently being incurred in Africa around the repatriation. Any additional funds would then be put towards Aaron’s funeral service once he is returned to Cairns.
Any excess funds will be donated to the Cardiac Centre at Cairns Hospital.
Please help us get Aaron to his resting place back in Australia.

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team4dfiSupport Aaron Coshaw’s Repatriation and Funeral: Donate Today