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The Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan (‘DFCP’) is a bespoke cover offered by Diaspora Insurance which is Authorised and regulated by the FCA, UK. Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan has been offering unrivalled benefits for over ten years. The Diaspora Funeral Cash Plans offers a host of benefits and various packages that are enough to cover flight tickets and other services needed for one to have a dignified send off.  The Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan does not look only into covering basic funeral expenses like the casket, and  flight tickets like most funeral directors do, but also looks further in covering various funeral related costs that can be massive and can come from so many different avenues, such as  family travel costs, repatriation or reverse repatriation, food and drinks, church service, photo and videography, flowers, household bills, memorial service, tombstone, crematorium and cremation fees etc.

The Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan is uniquely different in that it is structured to work differently.  It does not matter where and when death happens because cash is a protection without borders. Cash can be sent anywhere, and the bereaved family can use the money according to the needs and wants at that time. Circumstances change, today one may think they need flight tickets, repatriation or any other service they think is best in the event of death but it may not be the case a year, or 10 years from now thus we recommend that one takes cash cover that offers flexibility over time. Most funeral director policies that offer goods and services have a serious mismatch of policy holder’s needs; it assumes the policy holder can make a final choice upfront even if they would die a decades later. The reality is that choices and preferences tend to change over time. Funeral Cash Plan is the best because cash guarantees versatility and flexibility to meet policy holder’s changing preferences and needs. The traditional way of funeral insurance of providing goods and services was ideal in the old days where people used to be fairly local. A case where an individual’s whole life is tied to one geographical area, but with Globalisation most people have proved to be transnational. A change in one’s circumstances should never leave them exposed, a funeral policy should always speak to ones needs and reality. It should be suitable today, tomorrow, short-, medium- and long-term.

To further explain the above please visit In this blog different scenarios were created that may happen to an average person.

Scenario 1

Fast forward time by say 20/30/40 years as an example. If you are blessed with longevity and still living in the diaspora would you still have same fixation about being repatriated back home when all your parents/siblings may be long gone?

Consider the scenario  above, if you fast forward time it may well be the case that by then you would have lost your parents, siblings and all those who matter to you back home. That far in future its possible that as a grand or great-grand parent your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren etc are with you in the diaspora and back home no one really cares about you. Why would you still want to be repatriated? Now imagine that a long time ago during your working life you took traditional funeral cover (goods/services cover) to be repatriated back home. It simply means you wasted money as the fixation to be repatriated would have dissipated. Solution you need a funeral cover that is flexible and guarantees you a dignified send off with or without body repatriation.

Key features and benefits of the Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan

Worldwide Protection Without Boarders

This is simply because cash knows no boarder. Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan pays out US$/£/€/AU$/ZAR immediately on proof of death which guarantees you and your loved ones a dignified send-off no matter what or where. Canada case study

Related Funeral Expenses

There are certain funeral expenses that traditional funeral insurance ignores, and they cause serious financial challenges for bereaved families, and these include things like food + drinks for funeral vigil, church service, family travel, memorial service, tombstone and unveiling ceremony. With a good cash cover, you literally cover everything including household bills that may pile up during the funeral.

Location, Preferences and Choices are fluid.

The reality of our lives today is that we live in the era of Globalisation, and it is pretty much a global village. This makes people’s location, choices, and preferences fairly fluid either by choice or by default. When your location or your preferences in terms of your final resting place changes your funeral policy should always be versatile enough to adapt.

Flexible and Versatile Cover

The biggest single shortcoming of traditional funeral policies provided by funeral directors is that they are very rigid. You literally stuck with the cover provider and the assumption is that one is born locally, lives locally, dies locally, and get buried locally. Unfortunately, that is far from reality and a lot of people have lost cover due to international relocation. With Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan, you are assured that cash is king so wherever, whenever or whatever you know that your wishes will be honoured.

Transnational Cover for Transnational Citizens

Diasporans are global villagers who belong to more than one society or nation. The complexity of Diasporans’ cross-border protection needs means that a suitable cover that speaks to their reality is a cover which is equally transnational.

Relocate or Travel Faraway

Whether you relocate permanently or travel on holiday cash knows no border, so your cover remains the same. No risk of losing your policy or being offered a meaningless cash equivalent.

Repatriation or Reverse Repatriation, Burial Abroad, Cremation or Missing Person Presumed Dead

By the time one comes to pass away any of these outcomes are possibilities. You may even pass on in your country of origin and choose reverse repatriation to your diaspora country, the choice is yours and your cash policy covers that. In the case of Pamela Mushinga who died in Zimbabwe and was repatriated to the UK.

Diaspora Children Will Not Talk Repatriation

This a big reason to keep your funeral policy as cash denominated. Whilst first generation migrants may be fixated about repatriation, the children are more prescribed where they grew up and may never be repatriated. Cash means they could choose anything and could be anywhere in the world as they grow in their careers. With the Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan children are covered for life and you don’t need to worry that they would get removed at some point.

Certainty of cover value

Very often policyholders are asked to top-up on funeral directors’ policies and lot of bereaved families are left out of pocket. This is because over time the services or goods a policyholder is paying for are varied, expired, or get changed and at the point of need the bereaved family finds themselves with lower end packages forcing them to top-up for better value. By buying some services or say a casket a year in advance there is a chance it will become outdated if you are blessed with longevity. With a cash cover you know exactly what your policy gives you and the Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan being a hard currency only policy, long-term value is to a degree hedged against inflationary loss of value and currency volatility. Matsveru sisters

Use Of Claim Money Not Restricted

The cash can be used for anything be it body repatriation, burial abroad, cremation, reverse repatriation to things like household bills, family travel, food, memorial service to tombstone or unveiling ceremony. Alice Sarupinda

In conclusion, the bespoke Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan is offered on guaranteed acceptance, no medicals basis and this guarantees immediate settlement of US$/CA$/AU$/£/€20,000.00 benefit in the event of a claim. The guarantee is that within 24hrs of proof of death the US$/CA$/AU$/£/€20,000.00 is paid in cash or remitted by telegraphic transfer into any bank account worldwide. For a Diasporan nothing compares to the bespoke Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan. One shouldn’t waste money paying for a funeral plan especially goods and services type that you may never benefit from in future. The Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan cover offers maximum flexibility and no specific change in the policy holder’s circumstances in the future will result in the policy-holder losing out.

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