A Message of Reflection and Hope: Diaspora Insurance CEO’s End-Year Address

By Jeff Madzingo, CEO Diaspora Insurance

It is our clients who make us great. I want to always thank our clients worldwide because, without your support, we wouldn’t be the household name we are today. Our team works extremely hard and, day-in, day-out; every colleague from the most junior to the most senior goes the extra mile, for ours is not work but a calling.

As we all soldier on serving the diaspora community, I’m humbled by the milestones achieved on this journey. Our products are designed by diasporans for diasporans. The bespoke Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan offered by Diaspora Insurance is a versatile transnational cover for transnational citizens, a worldwide protection without borders.

After over a decade of delivering peace of mind, one quickly realises that our mottos – ‘Your Dignified Send-off, Guaranteed!’ and ‘Peace Of Mind, Guaranteed!’ – are not just promises but covenants that remind us every day of the duty and responsibility we have to our diaspora clients.

The yester-year nightmares of bereaving and begging whenever there was diaspora death have now been arrested and the diaspora community is now guaranteed the dignity to celebrate life.

As a company, Diaspora Insurance has grown into a multimillion US$/£/€/AU$ entity. The company started from very humble beginnings when the sole motivation was to positively impact on the global diasporans’ reality by guaranteeing them and their families a dignified send-off through a guaranteed acceptance funeral cash plan. The product impact has been phenomenal and has changed people’s realities.

Fast-growing Diaspora Insurance now covers 13 nationalities and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), UK. Diaspora Insurance clients are also Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protected for additional peace of mind.

Claim settlements to bereaved families is now in the region of US$5,000,000.00 and every time a family gets financial intervention it energises us to do more and that desire to help has always fuelled our growth.

We look forward to continued growth in 2024 as we push to help more and more people across the world. We also look forward to launching of new products and entering new markets.

Thank you all.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year  

team4dfiA Message of Reflection and Hope: Diaspora Insurance CEO’s End-Year Address