Can I get a refund for my Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan when I cancel policy?

The Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan is a unique type of prepaid funeral plan insurance that has no surrender and is quite different from a life insurance policy where you may claim your money for funeral expenses at any time. The Diaspora Funeral cash plan is a product offered by Diaspora Insurance, an Insurance Company based in the UK. Death is a certainty and funeral planning should be and remain in things-to-do, for any living human being. Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan only pays out a lump sum on claim (upon death), however, unless the cover is cancelled within the first month of the cooling-off period (TCF), that is where you may be refunded the premium for that period (minus the administrative fee of 10%). It will however not be a full refund. This is stipulated in the prepaid funeral contract. The Cash funeral plan is a death benefit cash policy either to cover own funeral or loved ones funerals.

Can I het a refund for my prepaid funeral cash plan

Can I get a refund if I cancel the Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan

The type of funeral cover you choose should be stable enough such additional funds at time of death are not necessary. A quick pre-need assessment is required in order to come up with a lump sum figure to use in your prepaid funds analysis. At  Diaspora insurance, we provide pure protection insurance, which is based on the principle of aggregation, where the monies collected from all policy holders is used to support and settle claims as they arise. This also means that our clients receive month to month protection hence when you miss paying for your premiums it lapses with no surrender value

The pre-paid funeral plan  is an insurance policy with a monthly premium (quarterly, half yearly or yearly) paid by the policy holder. A single benefit amount is paid out when the policy holder (or a family member covered in the policy) dies, that is when a claim may arise. The amount paid out can be used towards funeral costs family members may incur such as repatriation costs, Cremation, coffin, catering, traveling, tombstone unveiling, transportation, memorial service, food, videography etc. . The amount is paid directly into designated bank account of the claimant etc…

At Diaspora insurance, one of our main goals as Company and is that the deceased is honoured according to his final wishes or  the wishes of his or her family. It is a good idea to make sure all involved are in agreement. Diaspora Insurance’s unique products help to smoothen funeral services, since the financial impact of a death. The best way is to have a funeral cover that is flexible enough to allow you to have the final decision on how you want to spend your disbursed funds. After you receive your cash benefit, you may even get the services of a funeral director and pay with the same cash. You may even choose the services This is significantly beneficial, especially considering the struggles that comes with the desire to give a loved one a proper burial. With the cost of a funeral sky rocketing, the Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan’s final expense insurance  offers fast and easier access when it is needed the most. With the right plan, and a good plan provider,  there is no hassle in making claims. All funeral arrangements are carried out without worries. With traditional funeral providers,  the concept of providing funeral goods is not a suitable one for policy holders who trans-national, meaning they could move from country to country, and such directors’ funeral contract makes it invalid to claim the funeral benefit as there is no cash element to it. Such funeral contracts often result in an additional cost at time of death.  We know how stressful and costly a funeral can be, and that is why, at diaspora, we guarantee you peace of mind. Diaspora funeral cash plan includes multiple benefits including the following:

Do I get a refund for my Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan?

Do I get a refund if I cancel the Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan

Dignified send-off: with our funeral plan, you and your loved ones are guaranteed to have the very best funeral money can offer, Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan provides protection without borders, even if you relocate or travel for holidays to a different country, you remain covered. As a financial institution governed by the Financial Conduct Authority, we treat our customers faily and make sure they receive good value for their end-of-life wishes.

Peace of mind guaranteed: Organising funerals is a lot of work, especially considering the emotional burden that comes with it. Protecting your dignity and your family’s dignity is important. Thanks to our funeral plan, your family’s mind will be at ease, and they may focus solely on bidding you farewell instead of worrying about administrative issues.




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team4dfiCan I get a refund for my Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan when I cancel policy?