UK Families Seek Assistance as Average Funeral Expenses Reach £13,000

By Diaspora Insurance News

An average funeral in the United Kingdom can now cost as much as £13,000 due to inflation with family and friends increasingly being forced to chip in, a recent report has revealed.

The ‘2023 Funeral Costs Report’ by specialist insurer, British Seniors, underlines “the importance of planning ahead, to ensure both that practical needs are met; and that the funeral brings some comfort to the family and friends of the deceased”.

The report is based on two surveys the company carried out in November last year involving some 3,500 UK adults.

“Many of the findings of this year’s report are broadly similar to those seen in previous reports, but it is striking that the costs of many individual elements that might be included within a funeral have been pushed up by inflation,” said David Rees, Chief Operating Officer, at British Seniors.

“The average total cost of funerals organised within the past five years by people questioned in our Funeral Planning survey was £4,515. But if those additional elements are included average costs could be much higher: they could reach £13,622 for a burial service or £12,668 for a cremation.”

This was up from an average cost of just over £8,000 in 2022, with the increases underlying the need to insurance “to help meet the costs of a funeral.”

“The highest average total is for funerals in London (£5,145), well ahead of the second most expensive region, the West Midlands (£4,889),” reads the report.

“Average total costs are lowest in Northern Ireland (£3,823) and North-West England (£4,097).”

Average Funeral Expenses in UK, UK Families Seek Assistance as Average Funeral Expenses Reach £13,000 Some 29 percent of the people surveyed also indicated a lack of awareness about the cost of a funeral whole 34 percent said they had not yet set aside any money to pay for their own funerals.

The report emphasised the need “to plan … for a funeral that offers the best possible tribute to the person who has died – without adding to the difficulties faced by those they leave behind.”

Nearly half of those surveyed said they had had to make “a personal contribution to the costs of the funeral they helped to organise. On average, they covered 44% of the total cost, making an average contribution of £2,386”.

“We asked why they had needed to make these contributions. In more than one in three cases (34%) it was because the death had been unexpected,” the report reads.

“In 31% of cases the deceased had not set enough money aside to pay for the funeral; and in 17% no money had been set aside.”

It added; “In cases where an insurance policy was used, almost nine out of ten people (86%) agreed with this statement: ‘I was able to plan the send-off my family member/ loved one wanted because I could afford it with the insurance pay-out’.”

In a commentary accompanying the report, David Rees said the survey showed that “individuals and their families will all benefit if steps have been taken to lift at least some of the financial burden from the shoulders of family members and loved ones left behind when someone dies.”

He added; “it may be difficult to think or talk about mortality, but we can all save our loved ones a great deal of stress and money if we take steps to ensure that the costs of our own funeral will be covered.”

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