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Convertible Life Insurance

A Convertible Life Insurance is usually a Level Term Insurance with an extra feature that allows you to switch part (or all) of your coverage to permanent life insurance like Whole of Life Assurance, which is cover for life, no more policy expiry date. The problem with Term Life insurance is always that they expire because they are designed as a cover for a given period hence the name ‘term’. There is always a chance that one may outlive their cover and that is a problem if the need for cover persists.

The beauty of Convertible Life Insurance is that at the future time you choose to exercise the conversion you don’t need to undergo medical underwriting again. It is therefore a very important benefit that a term life insurance may be good for you now but years later you may want to convert to a whole of life cover. With a Convertible Life Insurance you don’t have to worry about future health problems preventing you from extending your cover by conversion because it will be done without any health checks.

A convertible term policy allows you to convert at any time as long as the original term policy is still active — even a few days before the expiration date, depending on the policy terms. In addition, some policies allow to do a partial conversion, in other words, you don’t have to convert your entire term life policy.

On conversion the premium will definitely go up for two reasons; you are going on a cover for life with a guaranteed pay-out as long as you keep your premiums up to date and your premium age rating is based on your age at the time you choose to convert.

Convertible Life Insurance is quite ideal for someone who wants to continue their life insurance in the future.

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