International Body Repatriation

What Is Body Repatriation?

For a family, if their loved one dies, it’s a sad and tough situation. However, the thing which makes it more dreadful is the death in a foreign country. A lot of families prefer burying their loved ones in their home country and for that, they must go through a repatriation process. In simple words, and in the context of death, the repatriation process means transporting the dead body or the ashes to a different and another country.

How to Repatriate a Body to another country

Death is a traumatic experience. When it occurs to close family members or our loved ones, it becomes distressful and the required processes to arrange burials abroad can make the death even complicated. Procedures vary from country to country.

Body Repatriation During The Corona Virus Pandemic

In a pre-corona world, cross country body repatriation was a fairly complicated process. Now with the worldwide corona pandemic it has become more complicated and almost logistically impossible to repatriate bodies to home countries due to either lockdown or covid health restrictions in transporting human corpses.

If the last wish of the deceased was to be buried in their home country, respecting the loss of a loved one in most African cultures overrides the logistics challenges and even the imminent health risk of virus contamination and transmission.

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