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Will my Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan premiums be fixed or will they increase?

Diaspora Insurance is a global company authorised and regulated by the FCA (795897) and has been in operation for more than 10 years now. At Diaspora Insurance treating customers fairly is embedded in our culture hence the premiums are fixed. The premium will only change if the client alters the policy for example when they increase or decrease the cover amount, add, or remove lives. Keeping other things constant, you only pay a guaranteed premium for the life of the policy.  Other insurance companies take customers at a low premium to attract them to their policy, then each year, they… Read More
team4dfiWill my Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan premiums be fixed or will they increase?

What is waiver premium?

Waiver of Premium is an additional insurance for the protection of the risk of failing to pay your monthly premium itself and usually means that the policy premium will be paid for by the insurance company for after a pre-agreed deferment period if you are unable to work either due to serious injury or critical illness. Other stipulations may apply, such as meeting specific health and age requirements. It is therefore a benefit that can be added to protection insurance policies, like life insurance, income protection and critical illness cover. As a type of add-on cover, also called a ‘rider’… Read More
team4dfiWhat is waiver premium?