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How to manage the impact of dying in the diaspora

For those who die in a foreign country, the cost of dying can be overwhelming. There are a variety of expenses associated with death, including funeral costs, repatriation costs, and more. In addition to these direct costs, you may also have to deal with legal and administrative costs. It is therefore important for individuals traveling abroad to plan ahead and take steps to protect their loved ones in the event of their death abroad. By understanding the potential costs involved, having a will in place, and ensuring family members have access to the necessary documents upon death, individuals can try… Read More
team4dfiHow to manage the impact of dying in the diaspora

Is this product only for Zimbabweans?

Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan is a bespoke product offered by Diaspora Insurance which is a very simplified product that guarantees peace of mind and comes on a guaranteed acceptance basis. Guaranteed Acceptance basis basically means we do not conduct any medicals both on application and on claiming, the following are the key features of the cover: Guaranteed acceptance with no medicals at all. Immediate US$, £, €, ZAR cash pay-out upon proof of death Worldwide cover, it truly is protection with no borders. Permanently US$, £, €, ZAR denomination policy Up to US$/£/€20,000 cover per life Body repatriation is not… Read More
team4dfiIs this product only for Zimbabweans?

The consequences of not having a funeral plan & how it can affect your family

When a loved one passes away, it can be a difficult time for the family and friends. Not having a funeral plan in place can cause additional stress and worry during this already difficult time. Without a plan, families may have to make decisions about the deceased quickly, without taking into account their wishes or financial situation. This could lead to financial strain as well as emotional distress. It is important to consider the consequences of not having a funeral plan in order to ensure that your family is taken care of after you pass away. Planning a funeral for… Read More
team4dfiThe consequences of not having a funeral plan & how it can affect your family

How do I pay my premiums?

As Diaspora Insurance we pride ourselves in providing specialist and bespoke insurance products to transnational citizens otherwise called Expatriates or Diasporans. Diaspora Insurance is a global company that provides a global service to meet our clients’ needs all over the world. It is possible to pay premiums from anywhere in the world. As part of treating our customers fairly Diaspora Insurance has different ways that our clients can use to Honour their payments depending on their location. Below is a list of the payment options that we have: Recurring Card payments The recurring card payment option is available to Mastercard… Read More
team4dfiHow do I pay my premiums?

With the times that we are in, and people are suffering from depression, why is your waiting period for suicide death, 24 months.

Suicide is defined as death caused by self-directed injurious behavior’s with the intent to die as a result of the behavior’s as defined by Institute of National Mental Healthy. A suicide clause is a provision in most insurance policies that states that the policy will be void if the policyholder commits suicide within a specified period following the policy start date. This period is usually two years. The Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan policy excludes any claim arising as a result of suicide (whether sane or insane) during the first 24 (twenty-four) calendar months from the date of commencement or reinstatement… Read More
team4dfiWith the times that we are in, and people are suffering from depression, why is your waiting period for suicide death, 24 months.

What is waiver premium?

Waiver of Premium is an additional insurance for the protection of the risk of failing to pay your monthly premium itself and usually means that the policy premium will be paid for by the insurance company for after a pre-agreed deferment period if you are unable to work either due to serious injury or critical illness. Other stipulations may apply, such as meeting specific health and age requirements. It is therefore a benefit that can be added to protection insurance policies, like life insurance, income protection and critical illness cover. As a type of add-on cover, also called a ‘rider’… Read More
team4dfiWhat is waiver premium?

The impact of covid 19 on insurance

As the hurricane called COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe in early January 2020, it left a trail of destruction both in human terms and economic terms. Many people have lost their loved ones; some companies that closed during the first lockdown never opened their doors again.   The pandemic has had short-term and long-term effects on the economy.  Perhaps, the sector that has been caught in the eye of the storm is the insurance sector, especially the life sector. This is debatable, but on analysis, this seems to be a fair conclusion without empirical evidence. Consider the first quarter… Read More
team4dfiThe impact of covid 19 on insurance

Diaspora Insurance sponsors Miss Africa Great Britain 2021

It was a Friday evening in east London. It was getting dark and chilly. A snaking queue of excited people is forming outside the grand Royal Regency Hall in Manor Park. Security was at the gate, checking tickets and issuing wristbands. Inside, the hall was even grander, with huge golden chandeliers hanging from the decorated high ceilings. Beautiful African vibes filled the hall. It was the Grand Finale of the Miss Africa Great Britain 2021. 17 finalists from 17 African countries were competing that night and one of them was going to be crowned the Miss Africa GB 2021, not… Read More
team4dfiDiaspora Insurance sponsors Miss Africa Great Britain 2021

Diaspora Insurance steering the Miss Africa Great Britain event

Diaspora Insurance is proud to be sponsoring the finals of Miss Africa Great Britain 2021. The event with contestants from various African countries will take place on the 5th of November in London at the prestigious Royal Regency Hall, Contestants were drawn from UK residents of African origin, countries ranging from Angola, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia,  Mozambique, DRC, Eswatini, Namibia, and many more. “As Diaspora Insurance, we are only playing our party in contributing to community initiatives involving the Diaspora communities,” said Diaposra Insurance Director, Dr. Sibert Mandega, Diaspora Insurance is… Read More
team4dfiDiaspora Insurance steering the Miss Africa Great Britain event

Shona Ferguson Passes Away … Africa robbed of a film icon

According to Sunday World, Connie Ferguson’s husband, Shona, has passed away. Shona passed away at the Milpark private hospital in Johannesburg on Friday afternoon. The media mogul was admitted there last week after suffering from chest pains. It was later discovered that he had heart problems and he underwent a major heart operation. A source to the family confirmed the matter. “I can confirm that he just died. Connie is busy with the funeral arrangements,” said the source. Attempts to solicit comments from Connie drew a blank as her phone, understandably, just rang unanswered. Earlier this week, Sunday World reported… Read More
team4dfiShona Ferguson Passes Away … Africa robbed of a film icon