Zambians Together set up a GoFundMe for Irene Makumba

Ireene who is from Zambia had no immediate family in the UK where she passed away. In the GoFundMe Appeal, Zambians Together wrote “Ireen Makumba who used to live in Walthamstow in East London, passed away on 11/11/2020 after a battle with terminal cancer. The late had no immediate family in the UK, all her family are in Zambia. Ireen was a selfless and wonderful woman with a warm and tender heart, she had a beautiful laugh and smile and an even more beautiful heart full of compassion. Ireen was sincere and she knew the importance of sacrifice, she was… Read More
leslyicdigitalZambians Together set up a GoFundMe for Irene Makumba

Appeal for funeral expenses for the late socialite Moana

Moane passed away early morning on Sunday the 8th of November in an accident that took the Zimbabwean millionaire Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure and two other friends from Malawi and Mozambique. The appeal was made by Harare businesswoman Nomatemba Ndebele on her Facebook page.  In the appeal, she wrote; “Regrettable on Sunday we all woke up to gruesome images/ videos of Moana’s demise. It is under these circumstances that the family has asked me to make a public appeal to you all for help of any form or any kind so they can give her a good and decent send off… Read More
leslyicdigitalAppeal for funeral expenses for the late socialite Moana

Veteran comedian Lazarus ‘Gringo’ Boora dies

Gringo died in Harare on 9 November 2020 aged 47. In a heartfelt condolence message, fellow comedian A4KJ Comics & Inspirations posted on their Facebook page; “It’s been a really heavy two days. Nomatter how many times death happens, we never get used to it and it’s always hard to accept. When it comes, it’s always a reminder that at one point we will all need to give an account to our Maker. We are not owners of our lives, we are simply custodians, mere stewards of time that God has entrusted in our care. Death is a reminder that… Read More
leslyicdigitalVeteran comedian Lazarus ‘Gringo’ Boora dies

Diaspora Death: No Cover, Common Excuses

Diaspora Death: No Cover, Common Excuses Written by Tose Gava Friday 26 June 2020 14:09 IN my previous blog; Diaspora Death: Are You Covered? I sought to confront consequences of failure to plan for one’s end of life expenses due to a notional fib that death is a taboo subject. I cited Mohammed Ali’s big send-off in making the point that a funeral is not just about getting rid of the human remains; it’s more about giving the deceased a dignified send-off, giving your survived loved ones a closure, and a chance to celebrate your life.                                                                                          As promised, in this… Read More
leslyicdigitalDiaspora Death: No Cover, Common Excuses

AU$75,000 to repatriate Myama from Australia to Zimbabwe?

AUSTRALIA: BEFORE he left for work last Tuesday, Andrew Myama had already laid out a fresh uniform, ready for Wednesday’s shift. The night before the 35-year-old green thumb had brought home several statues that he planned to paint and place in the backyard of the Plympton home he shared with wife Caroline and eight-month-old daughter, Mia. But sadly, Myama never made it home on June 13 to finish his statue project or put on his work uniform again. The doting dad was killed when he was run over by a crane at a construction site at the northern entrance to… Read More
leslyicdigitalAU$75,000 to repatriate Myama from Australia to Zimbabwe?

Burial Societies – The Collapse Risks

Burial Societies – The Collapse Risks Written by Tose Gava Friday 19 May 2017 11:20 BURIAL Societies are a phenomenon gripping the diaspora communities right now. This is galvanised by the reality on the ground. Over ten years ago it was rare to hear of diaspora death but now it’s a daily occurrence. Advancing age, overworking, bad eating habits, accidents are all factors worsening the diaspora mortality rates. A burial society is a form of not-for-profit friendly society or mutual scheme. Needless to say, burial societies should not be formed for personal gain of the founders. Sadly, some founders treat… Read More
leslyicdigitalBurial Societies – The Collapse Risks

Zim boxer commits suicide in London

Zim boxer commits suicide in London Written by DFCP News – Lucia Dube Wednesday 15 March 2017 12:08 A GoFundMe appeal has been launched for donations to repatriate the body of the late Bhekitshe Moyo back to Zimbabwe after he committed suicide in London. An inquest is due to take place in the United Kingdom after a Zimbabwean boxer was found dead in a park in South London. Bhekitshe Moyo, 42, popularly known as ‘Tiger’ to his friends and fans was reported as a missing person on the 6th March 2017 at around 6.30pm after suicide notes had been found… Read More
leslyicdigitalZim boxer commits suicide in London

Diaspora challenges-Power dynamics in Families

Diaspora challenges- power dynamics and negotiating space in families Are you after power? Do you like to be powerful? Many people find it difficult to answer this question and will skirt around before giving a non-committal response or a confusing answer. For those who are familiar with work by CitizensUK (CUK) and the Industrial Areas foundation(IAF) the answer is a straight and unequivocal- yes, I want power. Why, because per Oxford dictionary power is described as the ability to do something. It is my submission that we live in a world full of challenges and we are always trying to… Read More
leslyicdigitalDiaspora challenges-Power dynamics in Families

Diaspora challenges: Death & Final Statement

Diaspora challenges: Death & Final Statement Written by Jeff Sango Thursday 23 February 2017 5:39 THE conclusion sums it all. Be it a pastor preaching, an academic presenting a paper, the late Steve Jobs saying his last words on his death bed about the vanity of life, the conclusion sums it up. We could have been born in a poor family, struggled to attain education, got a good job or built a successful business, the end forms the last statement. As a people, we seem to have very short memories and, oftentimes, conveniently decide to remember the last thing. He… Read More
leslyicdigitalDiaspora challenges: Death & Final Statement

Gillian Chikerema GoFundMe appeal … MHSRIP.

Gillian Chikerema GoFundMe appeal … MHSRIP. Written by DFCP News Tuesday 14 February 2017 13:59 Gillian Chikerema GoFundMe appeal … MHSRIP. Please help: Gillian ‘was’ a loving mother, sister and daughter. She was brutally and unfairly taken away from this life on the 30th of Jan 2017. However her legacy remains in her children, in the sweet spirit they enherited from her. Her smile, her laugh will be alwalys stay close to those who were fortunate enough to be with her. Please support her kids, Panashe 17, Chloe 5, Haley 11, Ryan 7 to continue to live and spread… Read More
leslyicdigitalGillian Chikerema GoFundMe appeal … MHSRIP.