Body Repatriation From Ireland

Contact A Funeral Director In Ireland

A director helps with the repatriation processes. A funeral director from the receiving country can also process repatriation for a death that occurs in Ireland. More information about processes and can be obtained from the embassy representing the receiving country in Ireland. In cases where a deceased dies whilst on holiday in Ireland, the tour operator can also make repatriation arrangements.

Register The Death

A Death Notification Form signed by a doctor is required to obtain a death certificate. In cases where a coroner requested a post-mortem, they will help process the death certificate.

Report The Death To The Coroner

In Ireland, if someone died from natural causes, you do not need to report the death to a coroner. This also applies if a person dies from a natural illness or disease and had been receiving medical treatment for the condition during the month before they died.

In this circumstance, it is the doctor’s responsibility to issue the Death Notification Form.

You will use the form to register the death in order to get a birth certificate.

Where death is as a result of sudden, violent and unnatural causes, the corona should be advised. The doctor, registrar of deaths, funeral director or householder has a legal responsibility of informing the coroner.

You may report the death to a senior member of the Garda Síochána (not below the rank of sergeant), who will notify the coroner. The Garda Síochána can also arrange for a family member to formally identify the body.

Prepare The Body For Repatriation

After the registrations and body identifications, a funeral director has to embalm the body to help preserve the body.

Documents Needed To Repatriate A Body From Ireland

  • coroner’s removal order/non-infectious note
  • embalming certificate
  • passport or identity card of the deceased person
  • funeral director’s declaration
  • embassy permit

notarisation or apostilling of documents if applicable (where a specially licensed lawyer verifies legal documents to ensure they are internationally valid)

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