Body Repatriation From Canada

Essential Steps For Repatriating A Body From Canada

1. Contact funeral director whose speciality is repatriation. Specialist repatriation funeral directors would normally do most of the processes and procedures needed to do the repatriation.

2. You would need to inform the relevant embassy or consulate of the receiving country to authorise shipment of the body into the country. 

3. Find a funeral director in the receiving country. They will be responsible for collecting the body from the airport once it lands in the receiving country. They will also help to coordinate other activities and requirements on the ground. 

4. Book flights: Repatriation flights timelines vary and are only provisionally provided given by the funeral director or airline depending on availability.

Other Options Of Moving A Dead Body From Canada To Another Country

There are no other options except flight repatriations. However some receiving countries allow flight and shipping of cremated remains. The necessary documents would still be required even if its cremated remains. If that is the case, these documents must be obtained in Canada before repatriation takes place. 

1. A valid death certificate

2. Proof of cremation in the form of a certificate

3. Letter of Contents (indicating the specified container holding the remains)

4. A copy of the Medical Certificate Form 16 (certified) 

Canadian airlines prohibit metal or marble urns since they cannot be x-rayed. It’s important to also check with receiving country whether there are any urn restrictions.

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