Ghanaians in the UK urged to get funeral insurance as cost of dying hits record £9,600

By Diaspora Insurance News

GHANAIANS in the Diaspora have been urged to take up funeral insurance to ease the burden on their families in times of bereavement as it emerged that the cost of dying in the United Kingdom has reached a record high of £9,658.

A recent report by insurance firm, British Seniors, showed that family and friends were increasingly being forced to make contributions because “the deceased had not set enough money aside to pay for the funeral”, while in other cases “no money had been set aside” at all.

“The average total cost of funerals organised within the past five years by people questioned in our Funeral Planning survey was £4,515,” reads the report.

“But if those additional elements are included average costs could be much higher: they could reach £13,622 for a burial service or £12,668 for a cremation.”

Augustine Yalley, Ghana Business Development Manager for Diaspora Insurance, said in view of the rising costs Diasporans should take up insurance to maintain “our rich cultural traditions and customs” which emphasize “the importance of giving our loved ones a dignified farewell”.

, Ghanaians in the UK urged to get funeral insurance as cost of dying hits record £9,600

Diaspora Insurance Ghana Business Development Manager Augustine Yalley

Diaspora Insurance provides bespoke cash-based funeral insurance to some 13 African nationalities including Ghana.

The company’s funeral cash plan is available not just to Diasporans in the UK, but also across Europe, as well as Canada, the United States and Australasia.

“Ghanaians living abroad often face numerous challenges when it comes to arranging funerals for their departed family members in foreign lands,” said Yalley.

“The cost of funerals in the UK has risen significantly over the past few years. In light of these difficulties, I strongly recommend the Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan for all Ghanaians residing outside their homeland.

He added; “Why endure the stress, emotional turmoil, and financial strain of fulfilling funeral obligations while grieving, when the Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan can alleviate this heavy burden for you?

“Instead of depleting your hard-earned savings on funeral expenses, let Diaspora Insurance provide you with the necessary support.

“The Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan policy is designed to ensure that our loved ones receive a dignified send-off, regardless of their geographical location.

“It serves as the ultimate solution to all the challenges and complications associated with arranging funerals in foreign countries.

Meanwhile, the British Seniors report underlined “the importance of planning ahead, to ensure both that practical needs are met; and that the funeral brings some comfort to the family and friends of the deceased”

The company’s Chief Operating Officer, David Rees, said the survey showed that “individuals and their families will all benefit if steps have been taken to lift at least some of the financial burden from the shoulders of family members and loved ones left behind when someone dies.”

He added; “it may be difficult to think or talk about mortality, but we can all save our loved ones a great deal of stress and money if we take steps to ensure that the costs of our own funeral will be covered.”

team4dfiGhanaians in the UK urged to get funeral insurance as cost of dying hits record £9,600