COS Funeral Scheme

Cover Yourself, Cover your Loved Ones!

Designed to say WELCOME and help you settle in a new country.

A COS policy is a Group Funeral Scheme designed with you in mind. It is a tailor-made hybrid funeral cash plan cover that gives you the best of both worlds;

  • You enjoy group rates although you retain full independence in terms of your family policy. This means you get your own policy documents, and you pay independently and in the event of a claim you claim and receive funds directly. ‘
  • The COS Scheme is designed to say WELCOME and help you settle in a new country. You get cheaper premiums and enjoy maximum benefits enjoyed on individual cash plan policies.

Why Join

Guaranteed Acceptance

Guarantee yourself peace of mind with a guaranteed acceptance funeral cash plan that is authorised and regulated by FCA and is FSCS Protected. Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan is a worldwide cover that offers immediate cash playout on proof.

, COS Scheme
, COS Scheme

Key Questions

Who will be responsible for your funeral expenses? What about if a close family member dies back home, how do you finance the costs?

A medical expert recently cited an unpleasant situation of sudden deaths among newly arrived diasporans. 

 It is always savvy to financially plan for the inevitable.

Who Qualifies

Every Diasporan originally from any of the QUALIFYING COUNTRIES (by birth, by descent, by naturisation, by marriage, by registration) qualifies to be covered on a guaranteed acceptance basis and you can cover yourself in the diaspora and your loved ones back home or anywhere in the world. 

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