Body Repatriation From South Africa

Body Repatriation From South Africa

A Detailed Repatriation Process from South Africa to a Neighbouring Country

It is quite tough for a family to bear the loss of their loved ones. However, the thing which makes the situation worse is the death of someone you love in a foreign country. You may wish, or in fact, it may be a wish of the deceased to get buried in their homeland. For that purpose, a process is carried out. That process is called as repatriation process. This process involves the transportation of a body from a foreign country to the country where it will get buried. The ones who do not have any prior knowledge with regards to repatriation may find it a bit challenging to follow it. However, this guide will help you with that.

Now, in order to follow a proper procedure of repatriation from South Africa to a country nearby, you may require the following documents:

Abridged Death Certificate

In order to get the repatriation process start, you may need an abridged death certificate. For that purpose, you will be required to contact the Home Affairs office at your nearest location. To get that certificate, you will be required to submit, after completing, the notification of death (Form BI-1663) and the death report (Form BI-1680). You will be issued the certificate from Home Affairs at the spot. It will be free of charge and issued on the same day when the death is registered.

Copy of your National ID from deceased’s country of origin

The government of South Africa needs to confirm that whether you are a citizen of that country where they are being repatriated or not, and for that purpose, you will be required to show a copy of your National ID from the deceased’s country of origin. It can be a Drivers’ license, ID, or passport.

Deceased’s Relative’s ID copy

In addition to the national identity of the deceased, it also very important to provide an ID of a relative. They must be from the country the body is being repatriated.

A burial order

As per the law of South Africa, no one is allowed to get buried in the absence of a burial order. It is the responsibility of the funeral undertake to provide the burial order. They are authorized and recognized by the law. Not just that, but you can get it from the Home Affairs official or a SAPS official as well.

Embalming certificate

Another thing that is required during the process is an embalming certificate. It must be included in that certificate that the remains were embalmed, they were sealed in a container considered to be airtight, and in case of non-infectious remains, it is placed in a well built non-transparent coffin. For those remains that were declared as infectious, it must be clearly mentioned in the certificate that they have been embalmed, placed in special bags such as the polythene bag, placed in another polythene bag, sealed in an airtight containerThose and placed in a well built non-transparent coffin.

Non-Infectious Disease Certificate

It may depend.

Notice of Death/Still Birth

The particulars of the deceased are in a form that is called (DHA-1663A). The attending medical professional, funeral undertaker, informant, and forensic pathologist need to complete the section that is inside that form.  (DHA-1663B)- is only for the conformity of medical and health.

Mention of the Final Burial Place

At last, you are required to state the final burial place in the country of Zimbabwe. The majority of the people avail themselves of a Funeral Services Company’s services to do repatriations in any neighboring countries of South Africa or, in fact, anywhere.

Cost of repatriation

It is one of those things that can not be told exactly. However, the prices may vary for the repatriation. The main price will be of transportation and therefore the cost will depend on which transport does the family prefers to use.

Finally, you are required to contact the South African Government and get information about the terms and conditions and the real-time fees. It is essential if you want to repatriate your loved ones to their final resting place, outside South Africa.

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